What is Social Media without Followers, Likes and Comments? 🤷🏽‍♀️

‘Verified’ takes Social Media and turns it into a HILARIOUS & ENTERTAINING PARTY game.

Can you gain those Followers and Likes? Be the first player to Comment by buzzing in.

Engagement is key to becoming VERIFIED

How to play 'Verified'

Player picks a card

The player who is the reader for the round picks a card. He/she reads the question and answers out loud to the other players. 

Buzz in

Now it is time for the other players to buzz in. 

Correct Answer wins!

The player who buzzes in first with the correct answer wins that round. 


What Customers Are Saying!

We had a ball playing a new family game called Verified!! This game asks you questions about social media and if you get it correct or do the challenge you earn likes and followers.

Neffertina German

I played this on thanksgiving day with the fam. It was hilarious. There is something about playing with competitive family members that makes things interesting.

Nia Turner

This game is fun and the! It will take your parties to another level! We had our New Year's Eve gathering and it was engaging, fun and crazy!

LeAndrea Baltimore-Hagan