About Us

Verified was created by a black father and son duo. It grew out of working with at risk and incarcerated youth. After utilizing several card games and elements to create ice breaker moments before jumping into a lesson. Davon (son) realized some of the youth were not connecting to the games, after hearing several conversations with them around social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc) an idea sparked into his head to create a game focused on just that, social media. This is what brought about Verified a trivia card game taking social media moments and turning them into a HILARIOUS and ENTERTAINING fun time.

Verified is a card game which creates bonding moments for all. The game prompts conversation, physical activity and competitiveness (just what a good game needs). People from 10 to 67 years old have played the game and shared in laughter and fun. 

We realize social media has intertwined with mass media producing content for all outlets, which allows everyone to come in contact with some form of news or events from it. 

Now, we leave you with this - Do you have what it takes to become Verified?

Verified is a product of ADC Kid. Click here to learn more about ADC Kid